Physics in BablonJS Questions?

  • Does BabylonJS AMMO.js (Bulletin) support ConvexHull or any other than Sphere Box Cylinder Mesh?

  • What is going on with Energy.js implementation for Physics? Where is URL or. Web Site for Energy.js implementation for Physics? Are there any online show / test / demo examples? And API documentation any githab? Who is Developer?



About Ammo - pinging @Cedric, but I can also say - we support the impostors we have defined; no official support is provided to anything outside of those impostor types. However, you can always use ammo directly to achieve this. just requires some more work on your side.

About Energy.js - the project showed a lot of promise, and was working great, but it hasn’t been updated for the last 4 years (GitHub - samuelgirardin/Energy.js). I am not in touch with Samual, so I am not sure what’s going on there. I remember implementing a plugin to support Energy, but there were a few changes required and a few bugs to fix.

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Convex hull is supported in Babylon but only for Ammojs with impostor type PhysicsImpostor.ConvexHullImpostor

Otherwise, what Raanan said ! :slight_smile:


super. I put it in template-proj up.
If it takes ConvexHull or Mesh. Physics Debuger Shows ConvexHull.

super :slight_smile: