Any interest in improved CYOS?

Hi everyone,

Some time ago I questioned about the state of CYOS, and proceded to make my own customizations, allowing the selection of which rendering API to use for the shading language.

Many thanks to those that have helped me with the stumbling blocks that come up during the process.

I have only touched the index.html and index.js files, with the minimal set of changes to achieve this goal, and was wondering if it is worth of a PR to the main CYOS repo, in its current state.

GitHub Repository

Otherwise, my plans for it are to take all the shaders out of index.html into their own asset files, bring the JavaScript code into modern times, including modules, update the dependencies to modern ones, remove legacy ones (e.g. handā€¦), and so forth.

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I love the idea of CYOS revamp !!! :slight_smile:

@PirateJC can help and @Evgeni_Popov can help with the PR review for webgpu

Just as info, I have now made it temporarly available at Babylon.js - CYOS

This already includes the refactorings I mentioned on the previous comment, and has the save button disabled, because of CORS issues.


That is great! Happy to review and merge PR!