Improvement ideas regarding CYOS and WebGPU

Hi everyone,

it seems to be a kind hidden gem that one only finds out when going through all the documentation, yet I find the shaders playground (CYOS), a very nice tool to play with shader coding.

There are surely other better alternatives, including native ones, but very few that mix meshes, fragment and vertex shaders as convinently as CYOS.

Now with WebGPU support on BabylonJS 5, any ideas to improve CYOS so that it is also possible to have similar workflows with WGSL shader variations?


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We do not have any plans for this at the moment but it could indeed be really cool :slight_smile: We also gladly accept any contributions.

cc @Deltakosh and @Evgeni_Popov

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Also cc @PirateJC as we probably should increase the visibility of CYOS :smiley:

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