Can not use babylon.js in IOS13!

when i update my ios to 13, i can not import babylon.js,but it can work in Andriod.
The UI framework that i used is MUI. i use “script src=”…/libs/babylon/babylon.js"></script"
“script src=”…/libs/babylon/babylon.max.js"</script" to import babylon use “canvas id=“babylon_canvas”></canvas” in html.when i in Browser ,it shows “canvas id=“babylon_canvas” height=“929” width=“1428” touch-action=“none” style=“touch-action: none;”></canvas”
I don’t konw where bugs happended,but it work well in Andriod.

Hello and welcome!

We are going to need more info :slight_smile: It works on my ios13 for all demo or any playground so we will need a repro or at least the error you get on the console (you will need to debug using safari from a mac)

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I got log on Andriod was “WebGL2”, and it works!

on IOS13 ,the log was:
17:41:23.853 Babylon.js v4.0.3 - WebGL1
17:41:23.876 IP or host change
17:41:23.899 load car info
17:41:23.932 BJS - [17:41:23]: Unable to load from …/scenes/highway/Highway.babylon: importScene of undefined from undefined version: undefined, exporter version: undefinedimportScene has failed JSON parse
17:41:24.859 IP or host change

Hum this does not help a lot :frowning:
can you repro your scene on the playground?

hello Deltakosh:
Thanks your help! I have found the cause of the babylon 3D can’t work in IOS13.
The cause was:IOS has two webviews: UIWebview and WKWebview. Starting with IOS 13, apple listed UIWebview as an out of date API.
We can work well with UIWebview , but the issue came out with WKWebview, as I had posted :Can not use babylon.js in IOS13!
It would be great help for developers who are using the babylon.js with this issue fixed!

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