Are PBR useAlphaFresnel & useLinearAlphaFresnel mutually exclusive

I do not have a lot of things with alpha < 1, or I would just try it. Those 2 properties of PBRMaterial give me the impression that they are independent being boolean, but their code comments make them seem like you would never do both at the same time.

Would another way to represent them, like as custom properties for a Blender exporter, be to have a Alpha Fresnel dropdown with 3 items: None, Gamma, & Linear?

Also, if someone could point me to a GLB or .babylon which had a material where setting these could have an effect, it would be appreciated. Feels like I am added features in the dark, when it comes to these 2.

pinging @Evgeni_Popov

Yes, those are not independent: it’s none, fresnel or linear fresnel. If both fresnel and linearFresnel are true, linearFresnel trakes precedence.

I don’t have a model which would use those settings, I don’t think it is really used with PBR because I’m not sure it’s physically based…

Thanks. Kind of strange it does not have any meaning for PBR though. I am supporting both STD & PBR material exports. I was grouping things that were PBR only, & they were it. Kind of thinking that I should not even bother with 2 useless properties. I have just double checked, and get no hit in STD for useAlphaFresnel, nor useLinearAlphaFresnel.

Yes, it’s only used in PBR and only for some back compat: you would better not expose those properties, users should not use them.

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