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Hi guys,

This is a render from cheetah3D. I have exported the file to gitf and tested it in the playground.

It looks okay but the logos are missing from the side of the van and the playground is showing errors.
How do I work out what I can and can’t do when exporting.

Link to van


Steve Warby

Hi, Steve!
Have you tried downloading the logo texture and hosting both that and the gltf somewhere else? From the looks of it, most of the van is made up of standard solid colored materials, which causes those to work just fine. Since it’s a GLTF and not a GLB, it needs to look for an external image file for the van logo, and access to the logo is likely being blocked due to the playground being a third party site.

That would be my first guess, as there isn’t really any reason that the logo shouldn’t work. If you can get access to the logo texture, then you’d have everything you’d need to host it somewhere more playground friendly like Github and then it would most likely work just fine.

Give it a try and let us know!

Edit: Also upon re-reading, it sounds like this is your website. Did you upload the logo texture to the same directory as ogJoineryVan.gltf? If not, that is most likely your problem. As I mentioned before, the GLTF format usually has image textures remain external, while the GLB format actually packs them in with the model. The errors you’re receiving are most likely from it not being able to find the image texture.

I have exported but the logos on the van do not show. In Cheetah3D the logos don’t show until I render so maybe a Cheetah3D problem.

I’ll post in their forums and see what happens.


Steve Warby

let us know the outcome but it looks like it at a first glance.

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