Avatar has eyes popping out when applying animation

Hi, I am trying to understand why animation (from external glb or json files) cause the eyes popping out when applied to an avatar GLB I got from ReadyPlayerMe. And how to fix this.
Anyone encountered the same and found a solution?
It seems to be related to female vs male rig but not sure.

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Is it possible for you to setup a playground (https://playground.babylonjs.com/) that shows the problem? Iā€™m not sure that someone will be able to help without a repro.

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We found a work-around: skip the eye targets when attaching the animations to the skeleton, like in

 // 'animationGroup' is loaded from a seperate GLB
animationGroup.targetedAnimations.forEach(ta => {
  if (ta.target.name === "LeftEye" || ta.target.name === "RightEye") {
  // attach to my skeleton

Works fine for us.

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