Babylon Editor Basis file support?

Hello - I believe this is a question for @julien-moreau!

I have a .babylon file I’m trying to load into the editor, but I am seeing some warnings and the red/black checkered placeholder for my textures. I think the issues I’m encountering are due to the fact that I’m using basis files - there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to add the files under Textures.

Does the editor include the basis texture loader? If not - how can I add support for basis files it to the Babylon Editor?

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@julien-moreau bump!

Hi @Exolun !
You did well for the reminder, I’m back from vacations now!

You are right basis files are not yet supported. This will require some dev on my side but I’m starting right now. To help me, do you have a sample model to share with me so I can use it to verify the feature? Thanks you rox


Yep. I have a model with basis textures you could use for testing.

Is there a good way to send it to you via private message or email? I didn’t want to post it on the public forum :slight_smile:

@Exolun you can send a link by PM no problems :slight_smile:

@Exolun the Editor will be released integrating the support of basis files :slight_smile: