Babylon generating transparency nodes in Maya 2019

I am exporting my selection to a glb using the latest babylon exporter, and the opacity maps I have assigned to the arnold shader work fine the first time…but if I export again later, it breaks. I went through the reference edits and found that babylon is generating nodes after exporting, and I have to delete them to get the transparency to work correctly. I am using babylon version 20200113.2

Ping @Drigax, in the same time @Thunda1986 could you share a quick maya project to repro ? I bet this could help @Drigax

Unfortunately I can’t share the file because it is for work but the steps to repro are:
-Select only joints and meshes of rig with arnold standard shader
-Export selected as a glb with baked animation frames
-First export is fine, but if I save the maya file after and export an edit later, the file contains those nodes in the picture and transparency stops working with the glb.
-I then have to search for mat in the reference edits of the maya outliner and delete those transparency nodes to save the file again.

I am using maya 2019.2, windows 10

My mistake :blush: I think the forum freaks out if you have edited messages in multiple tabs

For this issue, I think that our export settings are overriding the expected opacity settings?:

For the materials, can you check that the Opacity mode is set to Blend (for normal alpha blending)?

I checked after exporting and maya generated the babylon nodes in the hypershade and they are set to opaque instead of blend. How do I make it so these nodes aren’t generated at all after export? I mentioned in another post copy textures to output has to be checked for my export to glb to work correctly, but ideally I wouldn’t have to do that. Our current workaround is a custom maya script that we click to delete the nodes to make sure they aren’t there before exporting again.

Currently you can’t disable these nodes, but I plan to remove this functionality altogether. So far its proven to be far more trouble than its worth:

However, once configured the nodes should work properly and save their state between exports. We also have some additional documentation regarding them:

@Thunda1986, why do you need to disable “copy textures to output” to export glbs properly?

No I have to enable that checkbox to export them, otherwise it won’t export and I don’t know why. I was wondering if it was related to this issue.