Babylon.js 6.0 Release Video: Community Submissions

Cannot wait! We’ve switched from Three.js to Babylon.js and I have to say that I’m loving it!!
Really looking forward to the new release!
And here is what we built with Babylon: a marketplace for customizable 3D models →

Thank you!!


I’m looking forward to Babylon.js 6.0 release.

We are developing avatar communication services such as zoom in Babylon. The link below is the actual service screen and promotion video.




We are Blackhole Creative, a startup from Taiwan, and we have created a product called Virsody using BABYLON.JS. Virsody provides various 3D content presentation, art exhibition, and online sharing features. It’s a platform where artists and creators can showcase their work in a visually stunning and interactive way.

Check out some of our classic cases, such as 陳零九 Nine Chen《10000次》微電影虛擬展 | 數位登陸專家 and 2022 新一代設計展官方展間 | 數位登陸專家. These examples demonstrate the power of Virsody in providing immersive experiences that engage audiences and elevate artwork to new heights.

Don’t miss the chance to explore Virsody and connect with us. We are excited to collaborate with you and bring your ideas to life in the world of 3D art and technology!


I published the Sequencing Drums VR a few days ago, it’s a very simple simon clone. I only did the coding part. All 3d models are licensed as Creative Commons Attribution, credits below.

3D Models

Temple - Ancient Temple - Download Free 3D model by Elin (@ElinHohler) [185d333] - Sketchfab

Orb - Magic Orb - Download Free 3D model by reddification [cdd88b9] - Sketchfab


We would like to submit our website which was just finished. We build the homepage 3D experience using Babylon.

You can find it here : .


Amazing job guysl!

My contribution: is one of the last developed projects that we have developed with my team, with all the power of BabylonJS, Laravel and VUE mainly
We recreate the physical space of the main WTM (World Travel Market) fairs in Tourspain, allowing users to access the relevant information of each fair, establish contact with other exhibitors or other users, configure their avatar and all while browsing in a fun way. in a 3D environment with a “Low Poly” look that makes it unique.
The Spanish Tourism Institute, known as TOURSPAIN, is an autonomous entity of the General State Administration in charge of promoting Spain abroad as a tourist destination.

Greetings to all


These avatars are so cute. 1 vote from me for ‘excessive cuteness’ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grin:


thank you^

Consider me teased @PirateJC . :slight_smile:

I’ve no idea, but as a guess? Is it something to do with physics?

You guys are welcome to showcase my project if you want! Even if its in its infancy :stuck_out_tongue:


This is awesome!!
If possible, I’m very glad to insert my works.

The work has been made by Babylon.js GUI Editor. As you know, it was nominated as an award of GUI adventure in 2022.

I’m looking forward to release of 6.0!!!




It’s just sad that a video (and then a sequence of a couple of seconds) essentially only shows ‘design’.
All the efforts you made for working the backend and the gameplay will simply not show here.
You know, if I was you, I would try take a little time to improve the design (particularly around the GUI). Even for fake and then just to be featured. This project is certainly one of the best in its class and would deserve to be showcased (in my opinion).


Yay! I FINALLY get to submit! Woohoo!


Hey there,

Here goes my first Babylon thread post :smiley:

Here at Clay10 Creative, we love making websites with babylon.js.

Here are some examples of websites we’ve created using Babylon. :earth_americas: This interactive map website is going live really soon :smiley: :world_map:

Looking forward to the announcement. Thank you for this opportunity, we are all super excited about the next release!

Thank you.


There are a few more links I forgot :man_facepalming:

Such as BACB renewables globe website View it here

We also created A10dee which gives you a virtual space which you control. Set up events, invite delegates and present ideas from within a simple-to-use digital platform.

Trying something new needs to be easy. That’s why we designed A10dee so that it can be accessed from any browser – no need to download software or install apps. Sorry, IT teams – we don’t need your help this time! With A10dee, getting started is simple.

Watch the video here for more information: watch it here


Thanks again.


Hi and welcome to the Community,
Great first post there. You can come back for more :grin: Some very neat things showcasing the versatility of BJS to also be used in websites.
Special mention from me for the ‘BACB’ landing page. This way of rotating around the globe to display the menu is original yet still intuitive. A very smart and nicely done idea. One vote :+1:from me for this one.


Cheers @mawa Thank you so much, looking forward to being involved in the community more :slight_smile:

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@Matt_Russell How did we not hear about those before :slight_smile: This is amazing !!!

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Love your use of the framework!!!


I’m catching up with submissions and I have to +1 mawa on the globe menu design of BACB it is such a cool idea, and the colors and design in general are fantastic! Most green energy solutions designs I see are well… green :rofl: so this palette is pretty standout and refreshing :slight_smile: I like the globe on the “Invest Humber” too! And the map on the Techflow website looks beautiful :heart_eyes:

Incredible designs all around! :smiley:

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