Babylon.js Viewer - how to change the loading spinner?

Hello! I’m using the Babylon.js Viewer to simply show a 3D model into a web page.
Reading the docs (Configuring the Babylon.js Viewer | Babylon.js Documentation) I’ve been able to customize some characteristics of the Viewer (camera distance, auto-rotate, etc), but I can’t understand how and if it would be possible to change the orange loading spinner (the one that show during the loading) with a custom .png
I’ve checked “loadingImage” parameter of the “template”, but it does not change the spinner…
Any help would be much appreciated!
Many thanks!

The answer is already here - javascript - Babylon.js Loading Screen Change Image - Stack Overflow


Thank-you, but unfortunately it’s not working. I should see a white dot as loading spinner, but I keep to see the default one…

<babylon extends="minimal">
<model url="">
      <params loadingImage="">

cc @RaananW the viewer daddy

parameters in html should not be camel-cased, so this might be the issue. try loading-image instead as a start.
I will assign it to me and check it again when I am back on monday :slight_smile:

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Many many thanks! This was the issue