Babylon to ARKit


Is there a way to export a mesh with its textures and materials from babylon to ARKit?

We tried to use the .obj exporter, but we can’t apply the textures to the mesh in ARKit. It seems that we need a .scn or .scnasset file with all the textures packed inside. Any leads to help us?


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Hello and welcome,

I have no experience with ARKIt but I guess that @kcoley may be able to help :slight_smile:

Hi @Daca, you can try serializing your Babylon scene to glTF using the glTF serializer (glTF Exporter - Babylon.js Documentation) and then convert to Usdz using this Python command line tool: GitHub - kcoley/gltf2usd: command-line utility for converting glTF 2.0 models to USD


Thanks for the quick answer!
We’ll try that.