Bad antialiasing with subsurface scattering

Hi guys,

I have a small question regarding AA quality with subsurface scattering enabled. AFAIU SSS uses prepass rendering pipeline, which for somewhat reason has it’s own MSAA algorithm and being enabled it turns off the default rendering pipeline post-process MSAA automatically.

The thing is this prepass MSAA looks far worse than normal post-process MSAA, making the meshes edges look harder. So any ideas on how to improve the quality or force the post-process MSAA usage?

Thank you

You should be able to turn MSAA on on RenderTarget e.g. post process by increasing the .samples property of the pipeline/post pro. @CraigFeldspar could confirm on where it is available in the pipeline.

hey @sebavan @artteq, I checked and although there is an alias in SSAO2 (ssao.textureSamples = 8;), there is not yet in subsurface scattering.

@artteq, try out something like scene.enablePrePassRenderer().samples = 8 and let me know if it looks better

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Yes, I’m using scene.prePassRenderer.samples = 8;
and that’s exactly where I’m getting bad AA quality. The edges look far worse than with the default rendering pipeline post-process AA.