Base shapes with material / .obj importing

my first post here in the new forum, coming from the html5gamedevs forum.

I am trying to create a 3D-Version of a kind this * star. The axis should get various texts where which element will be hoverable to get highlighted and showing extra text anywhere in the canvas. But my problem is more in the beginning on building the star. I tried it with the basic shapes and functionality with this result:

But to get the end of the axis rounded i found no other option but building it in blender. I cant upload .obj or .blend so here is an image of the material:

I wanted to provide this in a playground but didnt found the possibility to upload the .obj there. Should try to upload it somewhere this evening.

My question is whats the practicablest way to build such a star with rounded edges and espeacially end corners in regarding of giving each element a text and a function on hover in the future.

Thanks in advance

Welcome back :slight_smile:

To me it sounds like a perfect job for a (one-time) CSG.

I remembered there was a topic in the old forum about this, and found this:


Those can be a great starting point in creating the mesh you need


Thanks for the fast reply!

That was my first try, part of the code from this topic is still in my playground.
I thought about making the whole thing in blender by building the parts of the axis there. Afterwards iterating through the meshes with

BABYLON.SceneLoader.LoadAssetContainer("", "star.obj", scene, function(object) {
    var importedMeshes = object.meshes;

    // do sth with importedMeshes[0] - give it a hover effect
    // do sth with importedMeshes[1] - give it a hover effect

I dont know if this approach makes sense.