Best way to Emulate Phones?

What would be the best way to emulate a ton of different mobile platforms on my PC specifically to test webGL stuff?

Not sure a head on approach is do-able. Intel used to have a tester, but it was an app maker they no-longer have.

Indirectly, ktx textures would cover all bases for textures. Keep your number of bones as low as possible for iOS. Either use typescript or strict. Sound is a real pain on iOS / chrome. You need almost need a begin button to work anywhere.

Damn, I was sitting here like twiddling my thumbs as I saw you were replying @JCPalmer. I was like yaas JCs got me…

Haha but it looks like there is not a simple answer to this. Dang, I gotta figure something out, because its really hard to get things up and live just to test them on my phones and see that something is not working. Plus it’s hard to debug then.

I hope somebody’s got some cool little program I have never heard up that I can spin up a bunch of emulated environments.

One thing to help is to run chrome on the phone. You can turn on the console. I forgot how, search for it. I had a problems on iOS, and this made little work of it.

yeah I am going to have to figure something out. I can’t be submitting things to my work and/or BJS effectively till I figure this little caveat out.

Thanks for the input bud.