Best way to start, 2d or 3d?

Hi guys, I’m new to the forum, I’m starting in the gaming world and would like to know the following, it’s worth learning to make 3D games without knowing how to make 2D games, it wasn’t very difficult to learn to make 3D games, but in your opinion, for where should i start?

Hi @Uniop_Till and welcome to the community!

The first question to ask yourself would be “what sort of game do I want to make?” and that will likely inform whether you opt to learn 2D first or dive straight into learning 3D. Many game ideas do not need 3D in order to be fun or are better suited to 2D or 2.5D.

I’d say 2D is easier to learn because you’re (most often, but not always) not having to learn 3D modelling, texturing, real-time lighting, skeletal animation and the like. Performance and optimisation considerations, especially on mobile, are also higher for 3D. And of course you’re not dealing with that pesky third dimension all the time.

But 3D is very rewarding, Babylon.js is great and the community here is very friendly and helpful if you decide to go down the 3D path. :slight_smile:


One tip is that for your first game, you might want to avoid touching any of that stuff. You can use either pre-made assets (there are lots available for free online), or simple geometric shapes like cubes and spheres.

The most common advice you’ll see on game dev forums, regardless of number of dimensions, is to start with something as simple as possible. Try to make a Breakout-like game, maybe, or Pong. We all dream about making an epic space MMORPG, but those types of projects are practically impossible for a solo dev, especially someone just starting out.

If you use different colored blocks and simple game mechanics, you can build a playable, fun game in a really short time span. Then you can move on to bigger projects :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s a really good point - start simple.

Not suggesting this would have been simple to make, but this favourite of mine has very simple 2D graphics yet has been wildly successful:


Thanks so much for the @inteja and @DarraghBurke tips, now I know how to get started, I have to start from the basics regardless of 2d or 3d type, I think I’ll go through 3d with BabylonJs (because I know JavaScript), and the community is very kind to solve problems .

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