Very very important question

Hi, I know this isn’t the perfect place, but I need a perfect answer and I won’t bother you anymore. So what is the best 3D Engine of all ever without programming. Please tell me what it is without answering that you don’t know but just the name of the program. If you tell me I will never bother you again! Thank you

hi i need some correction on your question

what is the best 3D Engine = > what is the best 3D Engine in Web ? in Native App ? …
the name of the program = > the name of the framework or 3d Editor …
this isn’t the perfect place => this isn’t the perfect place for my question
Very very important question = > Very very important question to me


They may help you choose Choosing A Game Engine in 2021 - YouTube


“Without programming?” Hmmm… It doesn’t seem like you want an 3D Engine. It sounds more like a need for 3D rendering software. Have you tried Blender? No need for programming there and it is free. 3DMax, Maya, Modo, CAD also are good choices depending what you want to do.

You know even Photoshop has some 3D capabilities… :man_shrugging:

If you thinking of building a 3D game or 3D application and you are not a programmer you have to options in my opinion, and both are perfectly viable.

  1. Start learning how to code and do it yourself.
  2. Pay other people to do it for you.

I don’t think there will ever be a perfect answer for your imperfect question. What we could do perhaps is guide you a bit towards what might work for your needs. So what are your needs?

What exactly do you want to “render”? On what platform? Is it for web or mobile? What’s the scope of that render? What’s the expected render quality? Is there any user interaction needed or is it for a video or perhaps a render to an image?

What is your experience with 3D engines?

Usually asking right questions (many of them) helps. Good luck.

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So i need a codeless 3D game engine to create 3D games? It is difficoulty to understand?

Unreal. Nearly everything is possible to do just by using nodes, no line of code needed basically.


No it is not but understanding has to go both ways. :wink: Otherwise there is not point in having the conversation, is there?

If you thinking of building a 3D game or 3D application and you are not a programmer you have to options in my opinion, and both are perfectly viable.

  1. Start learning how to code and do it yourself.
  2. Pay other people to do it for you.

Realistically you could use Unity or Unreal with their node-based system for creating interactions but even that requires basic understanding of how things work. Short answer is “do your research”.

Here is my case study of “why did I pick BabylonJS”. Perhaps it will help.


I want build 3D strategy game with aim to publish it on Steam and through my website and possibly on the web at some point.


  • Time. I want to do code it myself and I can afford to take up to two years off (already year in) from my day job. Of course the goal is to sell and make a profit but it would be insane to assume the great success from the first product but could argue so is taking a loan to go to the university. :wink:
  • Skill. I am fullstack consultant but strongest in WebApp development. I really enjoy JS but miss strongly typed languages, like C#, Java or old good AS2. So Typescript would be perfect.
  • Stability. I want stable API that is backward compatible, which will make updating to latest version as painless as possible.
  • Commitment. I want framework created by skilled programmers, preferably with some experience in creating frameworks. TIP: Research authors. But most of all I want framework that doesn’t go away tomorrow.
  • People. I will be working alone for the most part so I want the engine backed by friendly and solid community with members who won’t shy from answering the most ridiculous question I might have… :wink:
  • Capability - 3D rendering meshes, materials, transformations, particles, ability to load common external 3d formats, rendering in canvas. Support for WebGL and possibly later for WebGPU.
  • Performance. Not the first concern, I do 10 updates per second (it is not FPS game) but being able to run it at 60fps is great.


Perfect 3D framework for me is BabylonJS :rocket: :toolbox: :hammer_and_wrench: :trophy:

FYI: Actual list goes on (will do a blog or a vlog entry on that one day) but these are main considerations. For everyone who struggles to make a decision I would suggest making similar list and keeping it close to you for long rainy days, when you really struggle with code or forgetting why you are not being paid this week for almost 70+hours you put in. :wink:

Hope it helps you @lucazani or in fact anyone else who stumbles upon this thread in the search for “the perfect engine”. :smiley:


@lucazani , I’m impressed that other members here give you nice and peaceful answers, because your last answers look like very haughty to me.
In whatever community, be kind to other people and please figure out that the world doesn’t turn around you.


I’m sorry @Vinc3r , but: