Better looking scene - lightmaps, ambient oclusion, shadows maps

Hello guys,

We have a scene exported in GLTF from 3Dmax, but we are missing the lightmaps and ambient occlusion maps, and so the resulted scene is cartoonish looking.
What is the correct way to export and use them? (We also tried to use a shadow generator in the scene, but the resulting shadows where jaggedly)

As for the lighting, if we have a room that has 20-30 led panels, is it better to have spot lights for each of them, or use an ambient light or the enviormentTexture light?

environmentTexture or IBL will be the best shot for both quality and performance.

glTF does not support lightmap so you will need to load them afterwards and set them inside the material.lightmapTexture property.

For you occlusion maps, you need to use the diffuse roughness map: 3DSMax to glTF - Babylon.js Documentation