BJS Chrome PC significantly slower than BJS Chrome on MacOS

Hi All, we are running BJS Chrome on PC/Windows and seeing significantly slower frame rate (20fps) vs the same exact scene on BJS Chrome / MacOS (Monterey) where we are getting 60fps or higher. We are not doing any device specific optimizations yet but wondering if this is a know problem. When looking at SystemInfo I see both devices are running on WGL 2.0. We are using msaa in the DefaultRenderingPipeline with a sample of 2 . We found reducing the aasamples really helps perf on PC but does not look as good. We tried supersampling the image (doubling the resolution) but that is also very very slow on PC (15fps…slower than msaa). And here again supersampling the image is performing at 60fps or better on MacOS.

I think you should turn on the Hardware accurate in chrome setting which is default off


Hello @Anupam_Das just checking in if you need any help on this?