Performance Difference: MacOS VS Windows

we are currently working on a project and noticed some huge performance differences between Desktop PC and Mac.We tried to reproduce the issue in the following playground project:

Here’s what’s happening:
Windows 10 Desktop PC / Google Chrome:

  • 60 FPS constant
  • Controls are smooth
  • Video is playing fine

Microsoft Surface Windows 10 / Google Chrome:

  • 30 FPS constant
  • Controls are smooth
  • Video is playing fine

MacBook Pro MacOS 10.14 / Safari:

  • lerping between 60 FPS and 32 FPS every second (?) constantly
  • Video speed is lerping and it seems very stuttering
  • controls are stuttering the same way as the video

MacBook Pro MacOS 10.14 / Google Chrome:

  • constant 15 FPS
  • Video runs little stuttering but constantly at 15 FPS
  • controls are the same

So we only have stuttering problems on the MacBook Pro. I know we are using a lot of Polygons (this is only for testing reasons). But on Windows devices it is working all fine. Maybe someone knows how we can fix our Mac problems, to get it running as smooth as on Windows.

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I have no Mac but @sebavan will be able to give it a try (probably not before next week. Thanks a lot for your patience)

In the meantime, can you do a profile on your Mac and post the results here?

Hi @Deltakosh ,
thanks for the fast reply. Funny thing is: if i open the console in Safari the framerate is constantly at 47 FPS. As soon as i close it, it’s again lerping between 60 and 32 FPS. If I open again, it’s again on 47 FPS constantly, and so on.

So I don’t know how to send you a meaningful timeline.

And do you see anything in the profiler?

Also can you use another video from a faster server?
Maybe it is related to the video

i see that different on mac ( safari vs chrome too)

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It is not related to video or VAO but the number of triangles only: -> no textures -> no VAO

We have on this very scene simply on the mesh : 12 696 000 vertices and it looks like the angle backend is having trouble to deal with it on a mac.

You should file a bug on chromium, I tried a couple of workaround without any success.


We already played the Same Video from different Servers and also different Videos with different Codecs and There is no difference at all.
The video Speed/Performance seems to be only affected by the FPS of the whole scene.

Ok and did you try to reduce the complexity of the sphere as @sebavan mentioned?

We know, that we can reduce the polycount and it will somehow result in a better performance, but still not as good as on Windows. The sphere is just an example to show our problem. We are using meshes with 1 Mio or way lower polys in our scene and there still is this difference between Mac and Windows. It even runs better on Windows devices which are less powerful than the MacBook Pro.

Ok so if you need that polycount then you need to open a bug on chrome database. This is definitely an implementation issue on their backend

But why is it running perfectly at 60 FPS constantly in Chrome on Windows then? We only have problems on Mac, in Chrome and Safari as well, so it can’t only be a Chrome bug. Any suggestions?

it is a problem on Chrome for Mac (not the same as Chrome for Windows: different code is used)

I’m sorry but I think we’re talking past each other. So if it’s a Chrome problem, why do we face the same issue on Safari too ?

Because they are both initially based on the same webkit engine. Or they are both using some MacOS feature that we don’t know about

One thing is sure: it is not on JavaScript side

Alright. Thank you for your efforts. We will look into this and keep you posted.

please share your bug report here so we can upvote it

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Intentionally impeding open web standards really is Apple’s best kept secret.