Blender to BabylonJs - texture and bump/displacement export

Hello everyone, so i had a few questions about displacement and textures. I made a model in Blender and i exported it to .glb, but it doesn’t include the material.
I did read some posts about needing to bake textures and or materials, i did that, it worked for the texture but didnt include the displacement. So i was hoping someone could help me out and give me a rundown of steps i need to perform for it to work.
I’ve created a playground with the model here:

  1. How to include materials in the export to glb, not just the color?
  2. How to include bump/displacement in the export? (if at all possible)
  3. If that succeeds, how to apply them in babylonjs afterwards?

Thanks in advance, Jelle

Hello, as you are using the blender exporter, I guess the question should be mostly asked on their forum ???

As long as you are using either a principled bsdf material or Shadeless, it should export correctly and the bump should be coming from the NormalMap: glTF 2.0 — Blender Manual

Unfortunately Displacement is not supported and should probably be applied to the geometry before: Blender 2.8 : Principled BSDF - Apply Displacement Maps (In 40 Seconds!!!) - YouTube in the method #2 through the use of modifiers so you can apply it.

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