Export object from blender to Babylon .GLB (error without texture)

Hello all,

I have problem with textures in the export, the model 3D is perfect but without textures, why all my files appear without the textures? I need check options of layers or textures before exportation?

Thank you!


Which Blender version do you use? If 2.79b, which gltf exporter? And also is it possible to share the blend + textures, or at least one object from your scene?

Im using the Beta 2.80 with the exporter integrated.

Yes sure the files are:

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

I uploaded all the files in one .rar better.

ping @kcoley and @PatrickRyan to double check as well

You simply just have to use Principled BSDF node instead of Diffuse one :slight_smile:

Quick & Easy way:

  • activate the default addOn “Node Wrangler”
  • in the node editor select a diffuse node
  • Shifts > Shader > Principled
  • your textures links should be preserved

Thank you very much Vinc3r, works perfect!!! :slight_smile: