Blurring texture using DynamicTexture not working on iphone

Hi all,

I have problem regarding dynamic texture on iPhone device. I have tried to blurring texture using Dynamic Texture following topic below :

Topic: Blurring & Processing a Canvas used in a Dynamic Texture - Questions - Babylon.js (

PG: blur shadow dynamic texture | Babylon.js Playground (

On android device it’s working very well, but on iPhone device the blur effect not working.

Why does this happen and what is the solution ?

I’m not sure about the iPhone part (maybe @sebavan has an idea) but if you want blurred shadows couldn’t you use soft shadows? Shadows | Babylon.js Documentation (

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canvas filter is not supported on Safari or any browser (which are all safari based anyway) on ios.

You would need to blur in webgl not in a canvas2d using a blurpostprocess for instance.

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Hi @carolhmj

I have tried soft shadow in my project but the performance getting worse.

Hi @sebavan

Ouh i understand now, i will try to use blurpostprocess