Gizmo not updating rotation values in mesh

I’ve spent too much time dealing with this problem and can’t think of it anymore. I am changing the rotation of the mesh with Gizmo, but I can’t see the new changed rotation value anywhere. Mesh’s rotation resets as value, but as I want in the image. I do not get an error in Playground, but there is a problem in my own project. I request your help.


Three things come to mind. Maybe it could help you, but It’s hard to tell.

  1. Try setting up editMesh.rotationQuaternion = null and then try to read the values.

  2. Try calling editMesh.computeWorldMatrix(true) and then try to read the values.

  3. Did you attach gizmo to the editMesh directly? If you attached it to a parent or something, local rotation values for editMesh might not be affected.

Unfortunately it didn’t work.The rotation value is not updating even though I tried these. Thank you for your advices. Yes, I’m throwing the mesh directly.


Can you replicate the issue in the playground?

Unfortunately, the project is huge. I put a rotation example but it didn’t work in the playground and the rotation values ​​changed. Because of this, I can’t share the playground, sorry.

@nogalo I got this project from one of your posts. Applying the one here solved the problem, but I had to create separate gizmos for x, y and z. For now I will add this as a solution, but if there is an answer or improvement regarding the current problem, I will mark it as a solution.

Babylon.js Playground (

PlaneRotationGizmo, dragging gizmos changing each value of rotation (x,y,z), not only one of the axis - Questions - Babylon.js (