Bug when exporting and importing back to babylon


I have a glb compressed file which i want to import in the sandbox :

Then i want to export the scene to a babylon file and open it again with the sandbox.

As you can see, the base color texture has disappeared.

Here’s the glb file in a zip format.

What’s the problem ?

Thanks in advance,

Pouf_3.zip (433.8 KB)

Adding @bghgary our expert :slight_smile:

This is a known issue: KTX Textures get lost on GLB Export · Issue #12257 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)

You’re right, the issue is in the glb export but also in the babylon export. What is weird is that the issue is only on the base texture…

Is there a way to save the missing texture in a png file and open it again ?

That sounds like a bug.

Only the base texture is ktx2. The other two are jpg files.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but I think you want to convert the ktx2 to a png? I don’t know of an easy way except doing it all manually.

Yes, is there a function to save a texture manually like in the sandbox ?

If it is possible, you could save all the ktx2 textures to png files when saving the project and recreate the ktx2 materials when opening it again

No, I don’t know think there is a way to save a texture manually in the sandbox. Maybe typing some commands in the console would be possible.

Wait, I lied. I forgot about the texture inspector. You can use that to save the texture as a png.

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Ok so i will try this solution to avoid the issue waiting it to be solved.

I will try to find the function called by the save button


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"We have a tool for that " :smiley: New BJS motto!