Sandbox doesn't read texture path properly after exporting in .babylon

Hey there, I want to export an object with PBR material in .babylon format but when I try to re-open it in the sandbox, all the textures are replaced by a placeholder checkerboard.

I also tried using a node material but it doesn’t work either. For information I tried with both embed texture and using an external link (for instance dropbox and github) without success. That being said I suppose it is a bug in the loading process of the textures since the only way I found to make it work, is to manually refresh the link to the texture in the node material editor. And the console doesn’t show any error so I don’t even now what’s happening in there.

Here is a playground with the object in question :
And saving you several click with the node material I used :

Side note : I tried to export in .glb format to see what happens, and the textures don’t load either.

Thanks for any help

Adding @Drigax to this thread

It is totally normal that it does not work with glb which only support pbr materials.

Here you are using a custom material not part of the gltf spec so there is no way to save it in the export.

So @Drigax, you can disregard the glb part.

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@Drigax I have a fix for this one due to another project I was working on so do not worry :slight_smile:


Thank you for the quick answer !
Interesting to know that glb only support pbr materials. I’ll keep that in mind since it might be what I want in the end :thinking:

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