Can I use the blender(or some other 3d software)'s drive feather in babylonjs?

In blender, for example: I add a ‘cube’ and a ‘sphere’, then I added a driver to the sphere’s Z axis, and the Z axis’s value is controlled by the cube’s Z value.

I have a very simple blender file( (121.7 KB))
used blender’s ‘drive’ feather, just have a cube and a sphere, when move the cube along the Z axis, the sphere auto move along the X axis.

I don’t know can the blender‘s drive feature be exported and then worked in babylonjs directly?

I exported ‘gltf’ and ‘glb’ file, then uploaded to ‘sandbox.babylon.js’, It doesn’t work!

No, exporters cannot do this, because there are no “Drivers” as such outside of Blender. You can export the meshes as required, but you will probably need to add a scene level, before renderer, which assigns the value from one mesh to the other.

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Thank you for let me know that this can’t be achieved, and also let me learned how to achieve it.