Can you animated opacity / transparency / alpha direct from Max?

Hey all,

Been trying to get workflow with our devs (I’m the 3D guy). I’m trying to animate objects fading inside 3Ds Max so that it doesn’t have to be coded.

I’ve tried all my tricks from animated textures, animated opacity, etc, but hitting a wall with this.

Any suggestions?


Should work with Babylonjs file format. Adding @Guillaume_Pelletier

I should add we’re using the GLB format

Hi guy’s,
We do not export any animated properties yet. Only Skin and Morph.
I beleive we may add it if we have a Standard float Controller to relay on.
BUT this will be for BABYLON only, because GLTF/GLB do support animation only to properties that define the local transform of a node, or to the weight for a morph target.
This a complex subject, knowing that Max lets you animate nearly every feature in a scene, using keyframe or ExpressionController even custom properties.
Hope this answer.

OK thanks @Guillaume_Pelletier I guessed this would be the case.

Instead I’m trying to do something a little different. If I can figure out how to have the same object, at differing levels of opacity, I can crudely swap out the models, to make it appear as if something is fading.

I can get the desired effect in Max, but no matter how I export or tweak the materials I just can’t get the GLB file to match. The way I’ve done it in Max is to use 3 different files for transparency (first being 100% black and white, 2nd and 3rd getting lighter / less black).
In the material, I’m using a black material, using the cutoff transparency mode.

Any ideas?

You might use the babylon attributes to deal with transparency. Cutout is not supported yet (related to this issue)

So at the moment there’s no way of having semi transparent cutouts straight from Max to GLB?

Just want to confirm so I can come up with other solutions.

In terms of the link you posted, I don’t think you need anything as complex as changing the whole way transparency works, rather just a link from Max Physical material to control the GLB model.visibility.

You could do this with the Transparency Color, as that’s a float between 0 and 1, which would translate nicely to visibility.