Where to find bump/normal textures? Are there any tools available to make them?

Where can I find free bump texture images? Any tools available with which we can make one? I also need one for height-maps.

maybe @PatrickRyan can provide some guidances

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Did you try this normal texture creator on this online software. (Free)


It is very useful and easy to use.

Otherwise there is also this pro software that I bought a long time ago, it is even better and can do more (but it is paying).

As I posted elsewhere you can use Materialize

You can produce all kinds of textures with it, it is free, and you can do things like photograph tree bark with your cell phone and it will produce a seamless image with all the textures you might want …

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

I have tried the normal map generator but it requires a height map which again I’m not able to create. Any other tool for that purpose?

I haven’t used this tool, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. It looks like you can just use a picture.

I’ve just share a long list of textures websites on the pinned thread The tutorial & resources sharing thread

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Usual jpg or png texture is enough for normal map at NormalMap-Online

@sahilnare, I agree with @gryff and @Dad72 that creating from a photo is the quickest way to do it without baking the difference between two meshes. Here are a couple of options:

  • Crazy Bump which is free, and has been around for a long time. I don’t think there has been any development on it for a long time, but it was pretty standard in the games industry for a while.
  • Bitmap 2 Material (B2M) is not a free application, but is one of the better options I’ve used. The best part of the software is the delighting it does for the base color map as well as the tiling features. None of these solutions are as good as generating a normal from the difference between two meshes, but this one has a lot of control and does a good job.
  • Substance Designer While this, again, isn’t free it is one of the better packages I’ve used for authoring textures. It’s my current go-to for material creation and is good at creating a normal map from nothing. You don’t need two meshes to bake the difference between to create in this package, but it also does a great job of baking maps if you do. This tool reaches farther into the art discipline than you may be willing to jump, but I do think that the procedural creation methods used in the software do speak to people more comfortable with writing code than drawing on a Cintiq.

Hopefully some of that helps!

Thanks for the help!

Okay. Thanks. I’ll check that out.