Cant get sheen to work with textures

I cant get the sheen to work when using textures for sheenColorTexture or sheenRoughnessTexture.

Here is the material if somebody can take a look,
For some reason, I can’t upload files here.

This is how the material is configured.

"extensions": {
       "KHR_materials_sheen": {
          "sheenColorFactor": [
          "sheenRoughnessTexture": {
            "index": 0,
            "texCoord": 0

Pinging @Evgeni_Popov

Whats weird is that couple days ago I think it was working, but I don’t keep that gltf anymore and I don’t know if I changed something or the babylon viewer changed, I was previewing the model in vs code.

It would be also good if you can just send me a working example.

You don’t define sheenRoughnessFactor in your file, so the value used by the renderer will be 0, meaning no roughness. Even if you set a roughness texture, as it is multiplied by the sheenRoughnessFactor in the end, you will still get all 0 roughnesses.

You should try to put some value in sheenRoughnessFactor(1 for eg).

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