Can't open AR Mode on mobile

Dear Babylon.js User and Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I’m a beginner in learning Babylon.js, i want to create an website to place and view gltf model, and I’m currently facing an issue with the AR mode toggle button when using Google Chrome on my iPhone while running example.

I used this example:

I can’t seem to find the AR mode switch button when opening the web page on my iPhone.
On iPhone (google chrome):

However, when I open the web page on my laptop, I can see the button. Unfortunately, after clicking the toggle button on the laptop, the AR mode doesn’t work as expected.
On laptop (google chrome):

I search youtube, i met that short video and seem running well:

I would appreciate your guidance on how to resolve this issue. Also, as a newcomer to Babylon.js, I’m looking for a simple example to start exploring AR mode.

Thank you!

That’s because iOS does not support WebXR. little we can do about it, sadly.

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