Googles <model-viewer> with Babylon possible?

Seeing that the model-viewer is capable of being used with iOS. How are they working around the no WebXR in iOS issue? Are they simply using something else?

Is there a way to piggy back on their solution/renderer to run Babylon code including GUI objects to trigger animations etc?

cc @RaananW

AFAIK model-viewer is using the already-installed google app to display models in AR. a native app is required.
We can, of course, create a babylon-ar-viewer native app and use it to display XR content on iOS, but that’s not production ready. How would you expect your users to use your experience, if you force them to download an app?

Model-viewer on iOS is also, well, just a model viewer. the entire WebXR eco-system is not available - no depth sensing, no plane detection or hit testing. It’s just displaying a model. Interactions developed in Babylon will not work there as well. Only the model…

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All right! I read a little bit more regarding this and found out that the model-viewer uses Apples Quick Look when looking through an iPhone.
And when trying this Quick Look Gallery - Augmented Reality - Apple Developer with a factory reset iPhone (no extra downloads necessary), there are buttons and animations being triggered in the examples.

So the question is perhaps if it would be possible to create Quick Look compatible Babylon code…?

PS. I’m desperately trying to find a way to show AR made with Babylon in iOS without the need to download extra apps…

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Of course, I can look into that.
Want to create an issue on our github? you can reference this conversation.

Sure, I can create an issue for it. But not sure what I’m asking here since I do not know any details about how Quick Look works, and what its limitations might be.
Some Google searching around the topic leads me to ARKit/RealityKit pages. Would it suggest that its a no-go to start with if it involves ARKit/RealityKit? Or would it theoretically be possible to make Babylon work with ARKit/RealityKit, and/or whatever Apples own solution to WebXR actually is?

Babylon WebXR will not work on iOS outside of a native app. You can use Babylon native if this is what you are trying to achieve.

If you want to show a model on iOS (AR) and do it from Babylon, this is something we probably can do.

All right, well then I’m back to square one. It’s the downloading of apps I want to avoid… I naively thought there could perhaps be a way to make Babylon code run including GUI elements etc. using model-viewer/ARKit/RealityKit with some kind of workaround.

AFAIK - no, it is not possible. Firefox tried doing something similar (with the webxr viewer), but that’s not being developed anymore.