Cast from nodematerial to PBRMaterial

i have a PBR material for mesh, now using nodematerial i am changing materials of mesh, now All the texture like AO, Lighmap is missing. can i update only albedo texture of PBR with the nodematerial

Hello !

Not sure to follow you but the NodeMaterial is a material and not a texture

Maybe you can replace your Pbrmaterial by a NodeMaterial How To use the Node Material - Babylon.js Documentation

let me explain, i have mesh with PBR material which contains Albeo Texture, Lighmap Texture, Ambient Texture and reflective texture.

Now using Node material i am generating node material and setting to mesh, now all the textures like are gone.

is there way to pick only albedo texture from Node material which is created or can i cast the generated material node cast to the PBR material

Nope this is what I try to say. You cannot extract pieces of a mat and use it in another.

I recommandd you recreate your PBR with the NodeMaterial and then inside a node material you can do everything :slight_smile: