Making nodeMaterial look the same as PBR

It must not be so hard to do. But I can’t get it done.
I try to make the nodeMaterial to look the same as the PBR material

Things go wrong with the reflection settings. But all I know to change is the reflection color in the nodematerial. How can I reduce the reflection strength in the nodematerial?

Funny, but this is a thing I stumbled upon aswell.

To the BabylonJS NME Team: is it possible to… have something like a “import Material” button where you select the Material you want to have as a base that is already build-in BabylonJS?

I had a question about the shadow color, to customize the colors of the dropped shadow. The solution was to have a NodeMaterial that uses a color to calculate a new shadow color that’s cast on itself. So this would require to always use this custom NodeMaterial. But I want to have the benefits of a PBR Material and not just the custom shadow color.

So this addition to the NME, to import an existing type of Material (Standard, PBR, …) would be AWESOME.

You have a list of examples in the NME doc:

And this PG proves that you have the same rendering with the built-in PBR material and NME material:

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this is epic, thank you…

@_Flomotion Your problem is that a .dds texture is not a prefiltered texture, so you should not use it in the nme because it won’t convert it.

Use the environment.env file instead:


I’m mistaken of course, the dds textures can be prefiltered. However, it seems is not, as using environment.env instead in the NME does work… Or maybe there’s something escaping me.

Thanks for your replies. I did see the PG that shows the same rendering output. So it must be possible. But I can not recreate it.
I also can not share any of my textures in the PG. That’s why I set it up using the available textures. And I could not find a .env.
But unfortunately in the PG you made, the material display is still very different. The standard PBR material is brighter/ has more contrast. I’m hoping that I can find the setting for the nodeMaterial to really recreate the look.

My mistake, I did not use the right environment file in my NME material.

Anyway, it’s easier to just not set a reflection texture in the NME material: in that case, the system will use the environment texture defined at the scene level:

PG: => On the left: NME, on the right: PBRMaterial

What you must not forget is to set “Convert to linear space” to “on” for your albedo texture as the PBR pipeline is linear:

Thank you very much. Really glad to know!