Changing albedo color when interacting with UI

I have an issue where the albedo base color changes when I interact with certain parts of the UI. It acs as if it desaturates the albedo (only if a solid color without texture map) when selecting the material in the Scene Explorer and again when I expand or collapse the “Lighting and Colors” menu in the properties tab.

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Could you provide a repro or screenshots ?

please note the ui displays data in gamma space where as they are in defined in linear space in the code/

Hi, thanks for the reply,
I’m not too familiar with code, so that the “…ui displays data in gamma space where as they are in defined in linear space in the code” doesn’t say that much to me.

Although it is displayed in one “space” and defined in another - it sure shouldn’t change when I interact with the UI? or is this normal behaviour?

I can provide a few screenshots of what happens when I interact with the UI.

It changes the rgb values until it is 255, 255, 255.

Hope this clarifies my issues.
Thanks in advance for your help.

I am not sure to understand the issue you have :frowning: maybe @PatrickRyan could help ?

@Albabr, there is no reason that interacting with the inspector panels should be changing material properties in your scene unless you actively change them yourself. If you are seeing that your albedo color is changing by selecting the material or rolling down the lighting and colors parameter section, then you are definitely in a bad state. Unfortunately, I am not able to repro your issue in isolation of your scene. Is there any way you can share a repro on a playground or even through a direct message if you cannot share it publicly? If there is a bug we obviously want to fix it, but even understanding how you got into this state would be super helpful.

I think through some detective work about what I see in your inspector I was able to reproduce at least a portion of what you are seeing. It looks like there is a bug and we will kill it

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@DarraghBurke is looking into it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the report!! PR is now open to fix this Pull requests · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

We will get it merged ASAP :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @DarraghBurke !!!

Thanks a lot for looking into this.
It only happens when the albedo is simply a solid color, not when it is a texture.
Sorry for not being able to send a repro - but good thet you were able to reproduce parts of the issue and hopefully fix this.

Grateful for the help!

I see that it has been marked as solved, but I still have the issue. Unfortunately I cannot send a file as it is confidential content to some extent.

Can you try again after doing a hard refresh of your browser ctrl+f5 as this has been deployed and should work ?

Hi, after a computer restart it seems to work as expected again! Thanks for looking into this!

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