Chat and work together in 3D

Really excited to show off our platform Grapevine, which lets you chat and work together in a 3D virtual world, and is built using BabylonJS.
Grapevine Demo Video - YouTube
Grapevine allows you to drop in and out of conversations in a natural way, nip over to someone’s virtual desk with a quick question, and seamlessly break off into groups just like real life.

Honestly we could not have built it without BabylonJS and this forum! We would be honoured if any of you wanted to check it out.

Here is a link to a space where we hang out sometimes:
Our Space

Thanks so much!


Wow! beautifully done. I like the simple concept and the regions you can join in for other types of interactions. This is really great!

Your space was a bit empty when I visited. Out of curiosity, how many people can you support in one room?

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This is cool, @PirateJC do your thing :slight_smile:

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I love it SO MUCH! Its visual style and interactions are a shining example of the beauty of simplicity!

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Hey @Reuben

This is awesome!

Any objection to me adding this to our community page and tweeting about it?

What’s your twitter username?

@PirateJC No objections here, thanks so much, that would be brilliant!
The twitter handle is @chatgrapevine

And @carolhmj @sebavan @RaananW thank you all for your lovely comments, it really means a lot.


Here we are!

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Amazing, thanks! Oh and if anyone did want to sign up, you can make your own spaces and your own avatar too, its at


We have released V1 today! it’s currently on Product Hunt, we would love to get your feedback. Thanks !


Congrats on the release !!! hope it will get the attention it deserves