Chrome Screen get invalid view when I enter VR Mode with babylon5.0.064

When I use HTC to enter VR mode with babylon4.2, Chrome Screen get two seperate
camera view.
But when I use HTC to enter VR mode with babylon5.0.0.64,Chrome Screen get invalid view.
Is there solution to enter VR mode with babylon5.0.0.64 and Chrome Screen get two seperate camera view.

cc @RaananW

I am not sure what version is, are you referring to our alpha/beta preview releases? Have you tried with our ltest stable version (currently 5.10.0)?

Current Version is 5.0.0-alpha.64.
I will try 5.10.0 version.

I have tried 5.10.0. It seems has the same problem.

What playground are you trying to run? Could it be that you are using WebVR and not WebXR?

What error do you see in the console? Is the device “not supported”?

Now when I use babylon 5.10.0, the view of htc’s head is correct, this means webXR works well.
But at the same time, the view of chrome screen is a whole invalid view not two seperate camera view.

webxr doesn’t cast the scene on the canvas. we have an experimental spectator mode, which shows only one of the screens.

How to use this experimental spectator mode? Is this need special babylonjs version?

The experience helper has this functionality since 5.0.0, so any newer version should work. You need to enable this calling this function:

Note that this will hurt performance, as the entire scene will render again. It’s usually better to use your device native spectator mode instead

Hello @xiaopangoo just checking in, was your question answered? :slight_smile: