Code samples in the documentation not wrapped into tage <code>

Correct layout would be like <pre><code>...</code></pre>

Why it’s important? Not native english-speaking people use of Google Translate extension or something other? It’s don’t translate content of <code></code>, but translates everything other. So we don’t want to translate code. The code should stay in English, anyway.

For example, code snippets have a right layout, and it works fine with translation extension

As I found, probably the point to change placed are here: Documentation/syntaxHighlight.component.tsx at master · BabylonJS/Documentation · GitHub

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Thanks for catching that, I’ll assign @PirateJC to it, we’re preparing for a docs overhaul soon so we don’t want to change anything before, but after that we’ll fix :smiley:

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These snippets are generated by highlight.js. I don’t mind checking if they can be wrapped in <code> (i’ll create an issue for that, but i would very much love to keep this automated. I’ll see what we can do about it.


This was done and is currently being deployed. thanks :slight_smile: