Colors not coming as expected in reflection probe

Hi all,
What I am trying to do here is to get a reflectionTexture by reflection probe. So, I have two scenes here: one is my base scene and the other one is only used for generating reflection texture. However, for some reason the colors I am assigning to StandardMaterial and Lights using Color3 are coming out way off than expected. The assigned colors seem fine in case of PBRMaterial though.
You can see the experience in this playground:

I based this on this playground example for reflection probe:

You will be able to see here that though I assign teal color to the box and light, it is coming out as white.
Please help me identify what I am doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome to the Babylon community! Mixing Standard and PBR materials is not recommended.

As @carolhmj said, mixing standard and PBR materials is generally not a good idea. One problem is that you have to generate the probe in linear space (6th parameter of the ReflectionProbe constructor). The other problem is that by placing a light with an intensity of 1000, you completely saturate the standard material and it is rendered white: the light does not have the same impact on PBR and standard materials. If you set an intensity of 1, you will see that your cube has the right color, but now the PBR spheres are mostly black.


Thanks a lot for your help @carolhmj @Evgeni_Popov