Conversion of Mixamo character with textures

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I know about converting a regular x/y bot but is there a possibility to convert character with full textures? Such as a fairy or a zombie. Will be using Blender. I feel this can make things easier since I’m still very new to the Blender framework.

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There should not be any differences ???

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@sebavan cool beans…I thought there would be a slight difference :blush:

You have probably seen this already but just in case: Mixamo to Blender to Babylon.js | Babylon.js Documentation ( :slight_smile:


Hey @DarraghBurke :blush:

Yep and have followed this but only thought this was for the plain bot not ones with the full textures

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If you check out the dancers demo at the bottom of the page, it has fully textured characters :slight_smile: