Default Rendering Pipeline does not have ImageProcessing property?

When I try to access imageProcessing.colorCurvesEnabled its telling me it does not exists. Updated question

What would be the correct way to access the imageProcessing props?

I am totally not sure to understand.

If you look in the class, you have pipeline.imageProcessing where most of the properties are surfaced and the full configuration can be accessed by pipeline.imageProcessing.imageProcessingConfiguration

Please not that by default scene.imageProcessingConfiguration and pipeline.imageProcessing.imageProcessingConfiguration] will be the exact same underlying object for convenience.

weird I looked for that and it did not come up, but in my project as I am doing pipeline.imageProcessing.colorCurvesEnabled its saying that does not exist?

I’m guessing its a timing thing?

you did answer what I was asking though thank you, I did kind of phrase it incorrectly so thanks for deciphering that.

oh yes no problem, pipeline.imageProcessing will only be defined if pipeline.imageProcessingEnabled has been set to true.