Question about the ImageProcessing

Hello There!
I have some troubles when dealing with the ImageProcessing.

(1) two cameras with different clearcolor
Everything is fine when the imageProcessingEnabled is off in the DefaultRenderingPipeline.
When I turn on the ImageProcessing effect, it doesn’t work any more.

(2) objects in one scene, gui in another
I want to render my GUI in a single scene. Everything seems fine when I turn on the ImageProcessing effect in the objects scene.
But things get weird when I change other effect in the DefaultRenderingPipeline like the Samples or Bloom after the GUI scene is created. The objects are much more brighter than before.

About the clear, clearing yourself kinds of breaks the pipeline which already does it, simply the the color you want

About the other one, just change the number of samples right after your pipeline creation as a workaround

I will address it ASAP.

Thanks for the reply. The clear color is OK now! About the other one, I can only change the property of DefaultRenderingPipeline before the GUI scene is created, right? Will this issue be fixed later?

Yup I have a fix locally I ll submit it tomorrow :slight_smile:


This was affecting my project, and I didn’t even realize it until I read this thread! Thanks for getting a fix in so quickly

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Thank you so much! This really helped me a lot.

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