Depth sensing gives error on Quest

I created a playground with pretty much the same code that I’m using in my own project:

The code in my own project works on Android, but this doesn’t for some reason, as I can’t see the marker cube appearing as I look around. Anyways, what matters here is that you get an error in the Quest browser when you click the enter vr button: “The specified session configuration is not supported.”

In the playground I have included the code I have tried using for my custom enter vr button.


Depth sensing on the quest is not yet supported. The spec has changed and we have not yet adapted to the new specs. This is the issue to follow, if you want. I hope to address this soon - [XR] Update depth sensing implementation to support the new specs · Issue #15035 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

Thank you for the information!

I’m curious, once it is supported, is the plan to make occlusion as a part of the engine, or will we need to create a shader which handles the occlusion?

yes! that would be the number one usage of depth sensing IMO :slight_smile:

I want to provide occlusion “out of the box”, and integrate it into the rendering pipeline. architecture for that is still TBD, so patience is required.

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