Disable anti-aliasing for particles (particlesystem)?

I’m trying to disable anti-aliasing for particles.

See this repro:

Setting the sampling mode for the texture of the particles does not seem to work (line 25).
How can anti-aliasing be disabled for the emitted particles?

Edit: updated repro

I’m not expert on this but I’d rather thing AA is actually not applied to the particle system.
In fact, your repro doesn’t have a rendering pipeline anyways.
What you see here on these particles (flares) only comes from the blur set on the texture for the flares.

That texture was indeed not a good example. I changed it to the crate texture to see the effect more clearly. There’s no aliasing visible for me…

Well, then you’re all good, yes? That’s what want you wanted, isn’t it?

No, I want the edges to not be smooth :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, can’t see any smooth edges in that:

Edit: Actually, my apologies. The PS does take the fx from the rendering pipeline. You can use sharpen if you want.
Quickly added a default rendering pipeline to this PG:

Let me know if this is good for you or if there’s more to it.

Thanks, I’ll need to read up on the rendering pipeline. I’ll have look and let you know!

You could change the texture mode to nearest and leave a 1px transparent edge of pixels in your texture, this should make it pixelated


Nice trick. I like your thinking :smiley:

Thank you both for your suggestions, changing the texture was the easiest solution for my use case!