Disabling light on external mesh

I am trying to disble lighting on my external (.glb) textured mesh. I search through topics and found a solution here How disable shading on the mesh? but it does not seem to work.

I am using the disableLighting property, which works on standard mesh objects, but for external mesh, this property seems unavailable. How to access this property?

How can I disable lighting and reflection?

That’s because meshes[0] is rather a mesh than a transformNode, it has no geometry.

If you comment line 14, the meshes will be white because of lighting, so the disableLighing do work.


Thanks @tanpopo for this quick help and explaining the root cause I highly appreciate it.
I applied your suggestion to the model but seems the model turned black.

This was the original model:-

How can I preserve the texture on the mesh?

Sorry I didn’t read the quesion clearly, in my PG before the meshes are not black because of the environment texture for reflection.
So I think you should use unlit instead, but I’m not able to describe the difference between unlit and disableLighting.

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disableLighting is only for the standard material, it does not exist for the PBR material. Use unlit instead.


Thank you @tanpopo for this quick help.

Thanks, @Evgeni_Popov, for confirming the solution.