Easy Material Editor GUI


I’m using Babylonjs in my project, and I would like to add a tool to allow users to create their materials. I was checking Node Material Editor, which is great but probably too complex for beginners.

Do you know if there is any project for a material editor?



Not that I am aware of except maybe by reusing some parts of the editor ?

But the community is full of resources so let s see what others have to propose

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Well, the idea is certainly a ‘nice to have’ thinking of it just quickly. Obviously, the NME is for the handling of node materials.
But then, my question is “how would you handle all of the other different types of materials with an editor?”
It would be a lot of work. May be one could recycle parts from the inspector? In fact, ‘the inspector’ already nearly works like an editor. I am not sure things would really be easier with just another tool and another UI.
And then, it certainly wouldn’t solve the main issue which, in my opinion, is to get an understanding of how all these different types of material work (within a scene, environment, lights, conditions, constaints, limitations…etc).
My opinion only,
Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

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My idea is create an editor for standard materials and PBR. I think the inspector is more or less the concept I was thinking.
About the issue of undestanding I’m totally agree, but it is too hard for a non 3d guy start with NME. Maybe link a middle step to jump to NME.

True. You shouldn’t start with NME. But the doc is quite comprehensive for materials with lots to read and many PGs to learn and experience. An Editor will never give you this level of information. Of course, you can try tweak things around until you eventually get the result you want. But then, may be, add a light, a different environment, shadows or new content and if your materials (especially PBR) are not done correctly, you will be back to step zero in no time. Doing better than the inspector in terms of UI, even if only for standardMaterial is also a challenge. I don’t want to discourage you but the project will not be all that ez to set-up. Not to mention that it will also need to be maintained.