Engine crashes on Android devices

Hi all, it’s been a while)

Presumably I’ve found a but in shadow generator. When using useContactHardeningShadow, the engine will crash on android devices in every browser.

iPhones are okay.

In the other project of mine I was able to get an error message in console: “Unable to compile effect”

Please see the PG attached:

Please help, thank you

Adding @Evgeni_Popov just in case he has an android

Else we will have to wait for @Cedric to be back from holidays

I own an iPhone…

If you use percentage closer filtering instead it does work?

maybe trying to turn off webgl2 as well as some android drivers are a bit rusty

@Evgeni_Popov no, it’s the same with percentage filtering. Maybe you’d want to have a simple Android device for testing purposes. It would be useful for performance profiling as well, as 70% of mobile users are Androids.

@Deltakosh yes, WebGL 1 works okay as a temporary solution, thank you.

I tried the PG on my Android (OnePlus 8) and it works fine. The framerate is somewhat low at 12fps when I zoom out, but it doesn’t appear to have any errors and I see shadows.