Error exporting with textures in 3dsmax 2023


I think there might be a bug in the 3dsMax 2023 exporter when exporting a file with textures using the Babylon exporter.


  • Get gltf + bin + textures to export folder


  • Gltf and bin are exported but textures are not.
  • The Babylon exporter log displays the following message a couple of times: “Invalid rank passed to Create TreeNode (through RaiseMessage, RaiseWarning or RaiseError)”

Additional info:

  • Only happens in 3dsmax 2023 when textures are used in the material you want to export.
  • 3dsmax 2022 works fine.
  • Babylon exporter version: v20220628.14
  • The error happens with all output formats.
  • I am attaching a sample file so you can reproduce the error.

Please lmk if you need any additional information. (903.2 KB)

cc @Guillaume_Pelletier

does this happen with max 2023 or 2023.1 ?
Scene 2023 is crashing Max2023 at load time, so i can not test it.
Scene 2022 exported sucessfully using Max2023 (580.8 KB)

Hi! Sorry for not specifying, I am using 3dsMax 2023.1 (maybe that’s why it is crashing for you?)

i use 2023.1. On the second try, I manage to reproduce the behavior. the warning messages has nothing to do with the fact the texture are not exported. I will try to go some time to investigate.

I’m glad you managed to reproduce. about the texture, I was not getting the error if I remove texture.

My guess is something went wrong inside the new GLTFMaterial script and also change about property order. I have to dig further but very limited bandwith now. Keep you posted.

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