Export 3D model with texture from 3DsMax to GLB

Hello, everyone. I have a task to export a 3D model of a chair with textures to GLB to be able to use it for AR.
And I’m faced with the problem that I can’t do it in any way. Because the textures are not exported. And I can’t understand why.
3DsMax 2024 version.

I have already tried both through the standard exporter and through babylon. And it doesn’t work either way.
The standard one exports without textures, and the babylon one doesn’t export at all and throws an error.

Could anyone tell me how to solve this problem? If necessary, I can send a file with a 3D model in 3Dsmax format

cc @PatrickRyan our amazing artist :slight_smile:

@Motsar, the image of your material editor is a little small so I can’t read the names of any of your nodes, but from what I see, you aren’t using textures in your material, but rather creating the texture on the fly in the slate editor. We don’t support creating textures this way in the editor, but rather need to have an authored texture wired to the physical material. This is because the exporter is a plug in by a team external to Autodesk so we don’t have access to support everything that Max is capable of. When Autodesk has their own native exporter, I assume you would be able to do something like this, but we can’t support it currently. The best thing to do would be to author your texture in something like Substance Designer where you could use a similar setup to your graph and then bake it to a static texture to be assigned in the slate editor. I hope this helps.

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