Export FBX as .babylon with Blender - UN-EXCEPTED NODE TYPE


i have an new Error at the Blender Export.

After Exporting the Model i get in the exported .txt File the same Error at a lot of Materials.


I have looked also and founded a Post here in the Forum. The Solution there was removing the normals of the material group.

I have removed the Normals of the Material Group. But there is coming everytime the same Error.

Do you have any Idea how to fix it?

Can you share the faulty model?

Cc @JCPalmer

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I need to clarify this.

I assume you left the question mark ? off your last post. Not sure if english is your first language.

But, yes you need to provide a lot of context for especially an error related to something being “un-excepted”.

Ideally, this would include first the .log file also produced by the exporter, in a post. They display really well in forum if you place lines 3 back-quotes, `, on lines just before and after. If it is really long, what you really need to post & LOOK at yourself is the material being worked on when the problem occurred. To reduce post size, you can just include for the last mesh up to the the error, e.g.:

	processing begun of mesh:  MyMesh_name
		processing begun of material:  problem_material

Now that the issue is about the material problem_material, you need to take a screen shot in the Shader Editor of that material. Here is an example of you I added stuff to for how the principled maps on export. Without some actual context, you are completely on your own.

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thanks for your answer.

I am waiting now for the answer that I can share the model.

My First Language isn’t English, but i can understand a bit :smiley:

The exported Text-File is very large. So i will append this here to the attachment that you can look at it.
Also i have taken a Picture of the Shader Editor. At me it looks different.

The Text File is here as a .zip because i can’t upload a Txt-File. log.zip (7.0 KB)


i have looked after the other Cards at your PBR Mapping. Now i have founded all, except the orange boxes.

Where i can find the orange Boxes?

Also there is for every Texture a own Shader Map. Is this normal?

The orange boxes represent image texture nodes. No they are not needed unless you have a texture for that channel. This was just for a picture to show that you could have one there.

From your first picture, that normal map node is unexpected because there is no image texture hooked onto its color input. By itself, I doubt that it is really doing anything. I just verified by adding a normal map by itself produces the error. Nuke it. This is not a bug.


thanks for your answer.

So if i connect the image texture with the color input the Error should get fixed? Is this true?

I use Blender only for the exporting to blender File so i don’t know how to do this. I have searched but don’t find exactly this.

Do you have a Tutorial (Text/Video) for me?

Yes connecting a normals texture IS what is EXPECTED. It’s absence is what is causing the error of un-expectedness.

I looked at your log file, you have like 100 meshes, all with the same problem. If you have limited Blender skills, just bring up a shader window, which your screen shot show you figured out. Then for each material, click on the Normal Map box & hit the delete key.

There is probably little chance of you with any textures that will improve the result, let alone 100. This will probably cause most of the materials not to be baked, which should improve both the results and your time to export. I rarely use the word “fixed” though. More like afforded you the “priviledge” of seeing the next problem. Good luck.


i got now the Acception to share the 3D Model.
You can download the Model here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Anyl5d59QIswxTCgBUr2tX7qu2hX?e=B8znxk

What i must change there now, to fix the Error?

Thanks for your answer.

The Textures must stay like it is now.

So i have to delete for every Element the Normal Map Box? After it it should works?


i found a Way to delete all Materials and got it fully exported - Yes :slight_smile: . Now the problem is, that every Component has a undefinded Material.

The solution:

Execute this Python Code in Blender Scripting Module:
import bpy
for material in bpy.data.materials:

Because i have the undefinded Material i get at loading in Babylon js this Error:
Unable to import meshes from drone.babylon: importMesh of undefined from undefined version: undefined, exporter version: undefinedimportMesh has failed JSON parse SyntaxError: JSON.parse: expected ‘,’ or ‘}’ after property value in object at line 125723 column 311 of the JSON data

I have looked also and found a Post where the Solution the importing of babylonjs-loaders was. But this don’t works for me.

You have any Idea how i can fix this?

I have founded another Solution. I have deleted all Nodes.

Now i got it exported without Nodes with a Silver Material but with Materials which i needing to change the Colors of the Meshes at Action.

I used for this, this Python Code:

for mat in bpy.data.materials:
nodes = mat.node_tree.nodes
for node in nodes:
if node.type != ‘OUTPUT_MATERIAL’:

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